SanDance – the beach camp was born on May 2014 with the desire to gather lovely communities by the sand, inspire them to appreciate nature to the fullest, and give their energy the setting and chance to blossom into a collective experience of sustainability and true love. Be it through music, arts or just the peaceful humane atmosphere that reigns supreme, SanDance extends our conscience from the forest and rivers to the shore. Forestronika has offered the community and everyone involved in its execution, priceless moments of unity, harmony and hope for the environment, and SanDance aims to do just that.


Carrying on with the tradition of protecting the environment and raising awareness, this special edition will take us back to the original folks who started it all in our relatively modern times. Our social forefathers who set an example in the late 1960s/early 70s on how acceptance and sharing could deliver us from the shackles of a more-and-more materialistic existence. SanDance – Imagine, celebrates our second anniversary and pays homage to legends such as The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Alan Watts and others who implemented the concept of peace in their music and were engaged in their protest against corruption. Something that shaped an entire generation, and continues to impact our morality. At this point in time, the challenges of implementing peace in our community are many, but if we give in to the communal dance, wouldn’t we be giving peace a chance?


For everyone looking for a break from the daily chaos and heavy pollution we unfortunately experience, SanDance offers you a surreal lightness of being doing yoga on the beach, listening to different music styles, meeting like-minded people and having an all-in-all fun and peaceful time.


The event will be taking place on June 4th & 5th, starting at 2pm.


Here is a list of what you should get in order for you to be comfortable:
– Camping gear
– Towels
– Beach rug
– Beach Umbrellas (for shading over your tents)
– Your favorite friends and pets

There will be a long line-up of per bands and DJs taking care of the music such as: Beiroots, Dirty Notes Band (Jimi Hendrix tribute), Ziad Ghosn, Fady Ferraye and a lot more. There would also be an open jam session so grab your instruments with you.

For more details about the line-up, live bands or any other inquiry, visit the event page on Facebook

We’ll see you there.