Forest music festivals are popping up around the world like fruits on a tree. This year, Lebanon is getting its fair share of the festivities in an event that ranks high on the international standard of music festivals. Hexaplex Festival is a music, arts and camping festival. The festival spans over 4 Days and 3 Nights and will witness more than 40 International local acts & DJ’s playing in the heart of the forests in the Lebanese mountains.


There will a number of different shows, workshops, immersive decoration all in one breathtaking location.

Hexaplex stems from the scientific name of a sea snail which was used to produce a purple dye during the ancient Phoenician era of the Mediterranean. The Phoenicians were able to bring together the various cultures of the region through trade. Today the organizers seek to trade their experiences with other music and art lovers. Their goal is to learn and teach new ways to live and experience life in all its vividness and beauty. As the festival puts it, Hexaplex “is the transformation of yourself through unity and harmony. It is a celebration of life.”



The amazing line-up will be playing a variety of immersive music genres for a multitude of tastes. There will be 2 stages: The Main stage and the Chillout Stage. The main stage is your dancing temple where all the hard beats happens to keep you pumping through the nights. As for unwinding, relaxing and going on mental expeditions, the chill out stage will host some mind-blowing artists and DJs for your sonic pleasures.

To take a break from the music, you can take part in one of many self-empowering activities: Yoga, Meditation, Group Mandala Work, Guided Imagery and Hypnotherapy, DIY Workshops, Presentations, Flow Arts Workshops, Sexual Awareness, and Harm Reduction.



As for the massive musical line-up, we have huge names coming up, including our personal all-time favorite Kalya Scintilla and Merkaba who will enchant the forest on Friday afternoon. The music will go on for 4 days and 3 nights straight, and it will be quite the journey.
Check the gallery below for the full line-up:

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You can check the website for more information on the festival and the lineup:

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See you on the forest’s dance floor.