After taking down the establishment through the sonic and the optic last April, Assault on Structure is back for its second episode in Beirut this Friday. The initiative’s first gig at KED was an exquisite experiment of deconstructing sound and reshaping it into new layers complemented with raw visuals that are bound to take your mind to a whole different dimension. The audience jumped to the music allowing not only their minds but also their entire bodies to take in the discourse of the art.

The second gig only promises to be bigger with a lineup of musical rebels all set out to defy the established norm with electronic sounds and looping screens. The participating artists, who come from different places, will all meet at KED and treat the media at their disposal in their unique way. Check the below for more on the artists:


Based in Tunisia and inspired by artists as diverse as Apparat, Bon Iver and James Blake, HearThuG will hit the decks at AOS with his signature wild and twisted groove. Harnessing one success after the other, this producer is bound to add an innovative touch to the music genre generally played at the event.


Benjemy is another producer from Tunisia playing at AOS. This only proves that underground music is well and alive across the Arab world. Despite playing with different projects and groups, Benjemy has preserved his uniqueness which is mainly why we’re particularly looking forward to his set during the event.

Jad Taleb

Jad Taleb needs no introduction, really. His name only gets bigger as his music gets better. The sound designer has his own beautiful way of creating chaos through music and there’s absolutely no one more fit to assault on structure.

Rise 1969

AKA William Mahfoud studied sound engineering in London and founded his sound by playing around the British city. His music ranges between dark techno beats that carry a perceptible Middle-Eastern influence and sound experimentation involving EEG, neuro-feedback, brain waves and psychoacoustics. Prepare your senses for his set because we know it’s going to be something!