Though time has changed and Earth has spent millions of years with people of different nations, but the thing which is common from the first generation of humanity till now is music. The Earth has been promoted and renovated a lot, but music is the thing still common among people. Though the style and pattern of songs have changed a lot the passion and love towards music is still the same. Even in this modern era music is considered as the best companion of a person in sour and joyful times. If someone is having a terrible time he can play slow and sad songs to have relief and in moments of amusement people prefer hardcore songs and raps.

Nowadays music is getting to a new level. There are many places around the world creating the fame of music to increase. Every week new gadgets and technology are being introduced and people having abilities of singing or playing music are being searched individually in many countries. One of the most well-known countries the United States of America is also a big fan of songs. This country is working a lot upon music and songs. As being one of the most dominant countries around the world America even wants to dominate itself upon the music world. There are seven major cities around the US which are playing a great part in the struggle for music.

1- New York

New York is one of the biggest and well-known music country. One of the finest synonyms for New York City is music. New York is affiliated towards music and is currently producing the finest singers, guitarists, pianist, and drummers. New York City and State both have seen extremes in music. This city has always been on top of the best music facilitation.

2- Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the business hub of music in America. It has something special which causes it to host the Grammy awards for a long time.

3- Chicago

Chicago is the prime city of the United States of America. Chicago is well known for the musical skills it is producing. The guitar is the most elegant instrument for playing music. Chicago is well known for the variety of guitars and guitarists it is producing.

4- Nashville

Nashville is nicknamed as the music city. It helped musicians like Memphis and Elvis to get their name written among celebrities.

5- Athens

As for universities, Athens is also very popular in music as many youngsters are affiliated with this city.

6- Atlanta

Atlanta is home to hardcore musicians and rappers. Concerts and performances of World recognized rappers are very common in this city.

7- Seattle

Seattle has improved itself a lot with musical instruments like the electronic drums. Day by day many talented bands are being produced in this city.


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