Bahramji has been on a lifelong journey of making melodies that touch a mystical side of the soul. He has been sharing his wisdom and talents with many psychonautic producers.

Mahmood Schricker is an Iranian-born Canadian of Austrian heritage. Inspired by the Persian dastgah system, his music brings together elements of the three different worlds he’s been a part of.

Cottonmouth merges Mahmood’s sounds with the incredible Bahramji’s, who’s also of Iranian heritage.

The two artists together gave birth to the contemplative tune: “Lonely City.”

The track starts off with organic sounds, setting an enchanting state of mood with that slow ambient beat. Enter the legendary Bahramji vocals, elevating us into another dimension. The combination of instruments and sounds carry you away to a world where peace and imagination are the essence.

The perfect addition to a legacy of lifetime collaborations, Lonely City is set to be released on July 25th, 2020. Keep your eyes and ears out for this one!

Bahramji & Mahmood Schricker – Lonely City

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