This weekend, Radio Beirut and uberhaus are collaborating to present to all fans of indie music an amazing line-up at Beirut’s first indie music festival at The Garten.

The Shoreline Sessions 2016 is an independent music festival being held at The Garten this Friday, with a line-up of a few of the most talented local and international indie artists, including Islam Chipsy, Walkabout Drum Venus, Elliot Vincent Jones, Ribal Rayess and others.

Here’s a deeper look into the line-up:

Islam Chipsy:

Islam Chipsy is the keyboard pioneer with his band EEK. They are a three-way force of nature from Cairo, Egypt described by fans as one of the most exciting live propositions on the planet. The group’s debut studio album entitled “Kahraba” was released in 2015, following the release of their electrifying live bootleg “Live at the Cairo High Cinema Institute” in 2014.


Walkabout Venus:

Walkabout Venus is a collaboration project between DJ/producer Ribal Rayess and the folks from Walkabout Drum Circle.

Not just a percussion band, Walkabout Drum Circle is a unique music institute that welcomes students from all ages and backgrounds seeking to find and develop their own voice through drumming. This project was created and managed by Jade Balaben, an artist who loves to share not only his music, but also his knowledge of it, being both a sensitive performer and a dedicated teacher. This percussion ensemble brings magic, wisdom, and culture of West African music to the Lebanese community.




Elliot Vincent Jones:

Elliot Vincent Jones has spent time perfecting his distinctive brand of New Age Art Pop while recording in locales such as London, Beirut, and his hometown, Toronto.  Fusing influences as varied as Fela Kuti, Brian Eno, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Michael Jackson, this talented singer/songwriter continues to impress as his debut EP just dropped this June. This summer and fall Jones will join Mac DeMarco on a sold out European mini tour, playing various club shows throughout Canada, America and Mexico as well as performing at several festivals including Shoreline Sessions in Beirut and Bestival in Toronto. His second follow up EP Titled “26 Years” will be available early 2017.




Kid Fourteen:

His name is Khodor Ellaik and he is a one man project from Beirut. Previously, Kid Fourteen was the front man of the punk band Beirut Scum Society and the short lived post-punk, no wave band Friendly Faces. He has been recording throughout 2014 and is expected to release his first record “Dream Kids Never Sleep” this year.




W O V O K A is a French electro/pop/vaporous project founded by Helen and Matu in 2014. Their sound is mystical, poetic, and soul-searching. As composers, musicians, and producers, the duo put together their influences in an artistic form to create original songs.



Peter and the Pans:

Peter Chouchani is a singer and songwriter based in Beirut. He can regularly be seen performing at various bars, venues, and street festivals throughout the city. He often performs covers of western songs, doing his own take with his soulful vocals. Earlier this year, Peter was spotted by the famous singer/songwriter, Seal, playing his guitar and singing. Seal was visiting Lebanon for a performance in Beiteddine Festival and spotted Peter, then posted a video on Facebook showing the up-and-coming Beirut musician.