I’ll never be one of those people that get on an airplane in shorts and sandals. In order not to freeze to death, I need a jacket, socks and a blanket to roll myself into your favorite farcical superhero, the flying burrito. But then again I’ve always said I’ll never get into a long distance relationship and here I am miles and miles away from every single person I care about. I also never thought I’d see the rise of the scumbro aesthetic, so many idiots in one place (but then Twitter happened), and I never thought I’d see institutions that are meant to serve as role models promoting tolerance and protecting vulnerable groups in our society go back to their long history of repression and censorship, reverting to inciting hatred and violence. So maybe one day you’ll see me rocking my Havaianas on a plane. Until then, press play.


Stream our Best of 2019 Spotify playlist at the bottom of the article.


1. Mark Ronson – True Blue ft. Angel Olsen

2. Liam Gallagher – Once

3. Thom Yorke – Dawn Chorus

4. Wilco – Love is Everywhere (Beware)

5. Whitney – Valleys (My Love)

6. Cuco – Feelings

7. Twin Peaks – Dance Through it

8. Brittany Howard – Stay High

9. Leon Bridges – That Was Yesterday

10. HAIM – Summer Girl