This week we welcome the amazing Wardita, Berlin-based DJ and producer. Her beat passion goes mainly towards Techno/Minimal-Techno and ElectrOriental. The common factor of all of her styles is that it’s always fast, thumping forward, powerful and kind of freaky. You’ll find the unexpected and won’t ever find anything mainstream in her sets.

Wardita plays only that kind of music to which she’s got her own relation. The tracks she’s playing has got to tell a story and she’s got to adore them – impossible to play just “anything”. Thus, Wardita’s sets are always a very personal and authentic.

Listening to her sets is kind of like traveling. Riding on the notes bringing you through the freaky world of electronic music.

We also got the honor to have a chat with her to talk about life, the universe and everything in an interview that will be published next week.

Enjoy Episode 09 of Revolver Podcasts, with Wardita in a set we dubbed ‘Technoriental’.


1. It’s Justice (Original Mix) – Wardita

2. Prince of Darkness – Mateo

3. Bronkers (Bruno Ledesma Remix) – Unluck

4. All Night (Wardita Remix) – Marco Stenzel

5. Church – Gary Beck

6. It’s me again – Kami & Steven

7. Don’t think – Julian Jeweil

8. Never Look Back (Kalden Bess Remix) – Uakoz

9. London (Origianal Mix) – Jay Lumen

10. Fade out – Alberto Ruiz, Joe

11. Careless suggestions – Tony Rohr

12. Run Back – Mark Reeve

13. Frida – Julian Jeweil