“Director of deep, dark grooves with a powerful atmosphere”
Never afraid to go too hard, his musical selections are his own world. Having grown up on heavy metal music like Death Metal, Doom Metal, and being a fan of Ambient music, Drum & Bass and Jungle… all lead him to find his own love & appreciation for Techno. Toubba developed a strong mix of musical influences at an early age. Today, his way of playing Techno has become into mixes where he picks dark, deep and powerful musical pieces put together for a memorable experience.
A very active member of the music scene in Dubai, Toubba played in various bands as a vocalist, and still plays to this day with his new band: Verdict. He began his DJ-ing journey playing Drum & Bass and Jungle, moving into Techno as his last move, narrowing down to a group of genres that he loves most.
“Electronic music for me always played a specific role during my time of listening to metal; a replacement. Jungle was the perfect genre at that time where it replaced the lack of metal gigs in Dubai. My love for music history helped me learn what shaped Jungle and Drum & Bass, only to find that techno played a strong integral part in its development. I fell in love with it, accepted it and it reflected well with my personality.”
More Info:
Music Directer / Residet DJ: www.decibeldxb.com
Resident DJ: www.dancefm.ae airing monthly Thursday 01:00 Dubai Time