Q.ben-sis is Anthony Geara’s cerebral connection to sonic impulses of the broken lost and found. Anthony has been an active member of the underground music scene, not only on a local level but expanding his beats to global reach. He’s also known as Majula playing minimal DnB sounds and, of course, as Geara playing psytrance sounds and running Psyde Effect Records, the only Lebanese psytrance label. Q.ben-sis, however, focuses on remote electronics that remind us of the past, the present, and what might have passed but hasn’t been yet understood. Anthony’s interpretation of this blurry estate leads listeners to broken and sometimes tech oriented sounds.

This set was performed at the second installment of Submotif, which is a collaboration between local sound hunters with a vision to infuse the local scene with parties that focus on the more intelligent sectors of the electronic music spectrum while maintaining an exquisite attention to sonic detail and quality. Stay tuned for news of their upcoming event.

The set is versatile and might change gears on you. Grip tight to your seat (or feet) and use the best sound gear you have to check it out.