This week’s podcast entry is provided by oscillum, a newcomer in the minimal techno scene. Stemming from a dark psytrance background, oscillum explores the darkest frequencies of techno and transfers a melancholic atmosphere through his mixes.



  1. Deluge (Original Mix) – Mien
  2. Laberinto Gomoso (Original Mix) – Bruno Ledesma + Lucas Ezequiel
  3. Abuse Thought (Original Mix) – Mien
  4. Untitled 2 (Original Mix) – Eiht
  5. Bienvenue A BeHren (Maksim Dark Remix) – Eiht
  6. The Naked Truth (Felix Lorusso Remix) – Jumex
  7. Point of No Return (Gruener Starr’s There Is Really No Return Edit) – Sash Liq + Freddy Hetzinger
  8. Take You Underground (Mental Vision Remix) – Hefty
  9. Interception (Sudok Remix) – Bruno Ledesma + Lucas Ezequiel
  10. Black Cloak (Mien Remix) – Sistal
  11. Soul Farther Than Me (Fracktion Soulles Remix) – Technicalissues
  12. Mephedrone V02 (Original Mix) – Cubex
  13. No Room (Original Mix) – Gruener Starr
  14. Annex (Original Mix) – Freddy Hetzinger
  15. Incubus (Mien Remix) – Oleg Pw