@LineOrcircle started small as a musician since the age of 12 and developed his knowledge in music while growing up to escape the reality he was in, and evolved afterwards into a DJ & a producer specialized in Electronic Music.
His influences include: Gramatik, Poldoore, Akshin Alizadeh, Art of Tones, Synapson, DafunkeeTomato, David August, Nicolas Jaar, JADE, Fouk! , Junktion, Claptone.

Visions Of You (Original Mix) – Junktion
Cine – Man Power
The Stoop – Nebraska
Estrelar – Dirtytwo
Look What You’ve Done To Me – Nebraska
Come Together (David August Reconstruction) – The Beatles
Married On The Moon – Deep&Disco
Deeper Love – Sixth Avenue Express
What You Got – Luvless
Jazzy Manoeuvres – Mannmademusic
Anthem – David August
The Spirit – Obas Nenor
Art Of Tones – Unlimited Love (Hod Stash 2)[QuickerVid.Com] Stop Playing With My Heart – Nebraska
Lovin’ – Loz Goddard
Just A Lonely Night Eating Sushis – Folamour