Ciryl has been floating and experimenting in the sonic field for a while now. Starting off with an extensive vinyl collection, to a commanding a myriad of analog synthesizers and drum machines and finally his signature DJ sets that go in and out of many comfort zones to portray an eclectic personal transcending limitations of simplistic genre generalisations.

Today, Ciryl sends us on a deep and dubby journey through different realms and soundscapes going over jazzy, techy, somehow psychedelic futuristic, nuances of tribal and a handful of abstraction. It’s a carefully crafted smooth ride with a consistent yet evolving groove all throughout. (Tracklist below link)

RPR Edit I – Leo Cavallo [AvantRoots]

Checkmate (Cv313 Remodel) – STL [Echospace [Detroit]]

Makers (The Mole & Hreno mix) – DDMS, Deadbeat, Dewalta, Mike Shannon, The Mole [Haunt]

Wonderland (The Race For Space) – Efdemin [Dial Records]

Half – Vakula [Quintessentials]

Little Helper 102-4 – Damien K Sahri [Little Helpers]

Trip Trap – Leo Pol [Minimalaysia]

All Together Now (San Proper ‘Bye Yoself’ Mix) – Dave Aju [Circus Company]

When Round, They Go – Peggy Gou [Rekids]

Formed – Process [Traum]

Ain’t Got Time – Anton Zap [Quintessentials]

Imago – Gorje Hewek, Izhevski [Cyclic Records]

Touch From The Past – Soulphiction [Philpot Records]

Radiq – Mardi Grass [op.disc]