The Delorian Tapes are love-curated mixtapes crafted with imperfect mixing skills.

This tapes brings you disco music from the Middle East (with a touch of Lebanese nostalgia).

Raed Yassine’s Civil War Tapes (extract)
Hassan Abu el Seoud – Tegy Ya Hawa
Khamis Henkesh – El Disco (The MUDEGG Edit)
Marwan Rahbani – Salade du Chef
Babylone (Gabriel Yared) – Dance the Oriental Dance
Raja – Baby
Sabah – Waadouni w Natarouni
Le Petit Prince – Kezzabi
Issam Rajji – La’ini
Sabah – Haly Dabki
Raed Yassine’s Civil War Tapes (extract)
Joseph Salame – Lambada
Najwa Sultan – Ya Setti Ya Khetyara
SLCHI – Vendredi 13
Old ad about Lebanon (extract)
Melhem Barakat – Beirut