There has been some controversial info about The Weeknd roaming around on the internet. It is not yet known for sure whether The Weeknd came up with his own stage name and style of music or took both from producer Jeremy Rose. Rumour has it that Rose composed and produced three songs that initiated The Weeknd’s musical style: What You Need, Loft Music, and The Morning.

Whatever the case may be, The Weeknd has now earned his well-deserved success, and the only thing we should be doing about that is cranking up his songs and enjoying the mesmerizing combination of his voice and his dark alternative R&B style beats (or PBR&B) that blend ridiculously well.

Even though The Weeknd rose to fame with more recent songs like Can’t Feel My Face, 50 Shades of Grey’s Earned It and The Hills, some older Weeknd songs are in my opinion quite underrated and need to be pointed out. My top 10 underrated songs below.


10. What You Need (Unreleased)

9. Montreal

8. The Party & The After Party

7. Kiss Land

6. Wanderlust

5. Loft Music

4. High For This

3. Professional

2. The Town

1. Coming Down