Tokimonsta – who goes by the name of Jennifer Lee – started off her career in L.A. as a DJ, crafting beats and levitating in her own world of samples. Taken under Flying Lotus’s wing, she shifts towards producing, releasing enough tracks to establish her own ground of warped sounds, shaping herself out of a hip-hop instrumental mold into a set of more intricate and soft yet present beats, paired with emerging artists.
Somehow reminiscing the hidden beauty of eventful nights in cosmopolitan cities, her music is chill as much as it is delicate and almost iridescent.

By Alexandra Daoud


The World Is Ours

Little Pleasures

Green (ft. Andreya Triana)

Stigmatizing Sex

Lucid Waking

Fallen Arches

Gavin Turek – Hemisphere (Prod by Tokimonsta)

Sweet Day

Soul To Seoul

Heart On The Ground (ft. Kiya Lacey)

Darkest (Dim)

Starlight Lace


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