Every three months, Revolver will have the pleasure to feature an article, a podcast, or an interview from our partner #thesocialface,  a multi lingual platform that takes on pop culture, social, and political issues.
This time, we have picked their guide through alternative African music, curated by Selima:

“As our articles on Arabic alternative music was a success, we decided to take you on another musical trip, this time through a Subsaharan African one! Grab your earphones.”

Poetra Asantewa – Naked Listeners

AYOTEMI – Wrinkles  ft. Jah True, Aurelien Horns (prod. smuv)

MiDi Kwakwa – Maybe

SamthingSoweto – Thanda Wena

Odunsi – Desirehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MURlwrA2npI

Sol Gems – Standing With the Sun

Alice Phoebe Lou – Berlin Blues

Al Bairre – Bungalow

Rapolotiki – Tidal Waves