A major innovator, a celebrated provocateur, and a poet of the perverse, Serge Gainsbourg is a megastar in France and the world. With his music ranging from jazz and reggae, to progressive rock and orchestrated chanson, his songs made him the epitome of the French musician. Gainsbourg is also a lyrical genius who mastered the art of combining ironic wordplay, double entendre, cynical wit and sensuality. Choosing a list of our favorite 15 Gainsbourg songs is almost impossible, but here is a handful of his most beautiful anthems.

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15. Requiem pour un con

14. L’eau à la bouche

13. Sous le soleil exactement

12. Ces petits riens

11. Couleur café

10. Hold Up

9. Sea, sex & sun

8. Comme un boomerang

7. Elisa

6. My lady heroine

5. L’anamour

4. La chanson de Prévert

3. La Javanaise

2. Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais

1. Le poinçonneur des lilas

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