Eventually the roadworks in Gemmayzeh will be over, the delivery place you order from everyday will get your name, the address and the order right, you’ll remember to turn on the water heater, Ashrafieh bakeries will win their battle against gluten achieving their ultimate goal of becoming the first city to be completely free from the evils of gluten, or lose. Eventually he/she will get the hint, you’ll do your Christmas shopping in November like you promise yourself every year. But Until then you can listen to this.

1. Nai Palm – Crossfire / So Into You

2. Bon Voyage Organisation – Goma

3. Tame Impala – List Of People (To Try And Forget About)

4. Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

5. BB Brunes – Terrain vague / Pyromane

6. Feu! Chatterton – Souvenir

7. The She’s – Sorry

8. Rhye – Count to Five

9. Kimbra – Top of the World

10. Tom Misch – Movie