In case you didn’t know Joe Pesci is also a musician so now you do know.

Editor’s note: It was a tough return to real life following a rain and liquor flooded vacation. The economy didn’t help, neither the ridiculous expectations that society lays on us. Thus the semi depressed introduction. Happy new year!

Stream our now completed Best of 2019 Spotify playlist at the bottom of the article.

1. Sages comme des Sauvages – Garçon

2. Yussef Dayes, Rocco Palladino, Charlie Stacey – For My Ladies

3. Aaron – The Flame

4. Absynthe Minded – Mixing the Medicine

5. Piedbois- La nuit

6. Austin Weber – I Don’t Want to Miss You (Like I Do)

7. Tim Dup – Place espoir

8. Beck – Chemical

9. Celeste – Strange

10. Pesci – How About You


Spotify playlist: