We are making Charlie Brooker’s job way too easy. Living in an economy of war, driving the economy of cool. Tweeting our way to the top, buying into the promise of it.. one Like at a time. Our conversations are either about Tinder profiles or Uber ratings. We just love to lecture each other about the garbage crisis while holding our plastic bags, forks and bottles. Charlie Brooker’s job is way too easy, mine as well with this many good releases this month.

1. Boy Pablo – Losing You

2. The Revivalists – It Was A Sin

3. River Whyless – Born in the Right Country

4. Crumb – Locket

5. Moderator – Burning Bridges

6. Franz Ferdinand – Glimpse of Love

7. Mild Orange – Mysight

8. The Jungle Giants – Used to be in Love

9. Leon Bridges – Mrs.

10. Young Fathers – Toy