A passionate revolutionary and devoted activist, Renaud, gifted with an outstanding writing talent and an original voice, has been a great influence on French culture ever since 1975. In his songs, Renaud uses humor, sarcasm and affection to revolt against the system, criticize society, show tenderness or simply have a good time. Despite being one of the most popular singers in France, Renaud’s success never reached international recognition due to his constant refusal of the Americanization of music and rejection of the consumer society. Whether you’re a fan or you’re here to discover the icon that is Renaud, the list below is for you.

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15. La blanche

14. Manhattan-Kaboul

13. Laisse Béton

12. Ma gonzesse

11. Manu

10. Adieu Minette

9. En Cloque

8. Me Jette pas

7. Miss Maggie

6. Hexagone

5. Marche a l’ombre

4. Dans mon H.L.M.

3. Mistral Gagnant

2. Dès que le vent soufflera

1. Morgane de toi

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