From the heart of Texas, Cigarettes After Sex is Greg Gonzalez’s contribution to the ambient pop repertoire of music that makes you close your starry eyes, lie on the bathroom floor naked thinking how it’s affection always, remembering how you get mean when you’re drinking.

Attempts to set the mood aside, the band’s songs will send you on a dreamy journey to fantasy land. If you’re trying to avoid replying to that booty call, you might wanna lock your phone away before reading any further. If you’re getting ready for that hookup, remember to stay safe. Here is a humble attempt to list the top 5 Cigarettes After Sex songs (alphabetical order):



When you’re all alone
I will reach for you
When you’re feeling low
I will be there too


Dreaming of You

Want you, yes I do

… and now I’m dreaming of you


John Wayne

He’s got so much in his heart,
But he doesn’t know what to do 
All he wants is her lying inside his room



Think I like you best when you’re dressed in black from head to toe
Think I like you best when you’re just with me & no one else…


Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby

When we have a drink or three
Always ends in a hazy shower scene