Melhem Barakat is simply a legend in Lebanese music history. We were planning to publish this list next week, but after hearing the sad news about Barakat’s passing, we decided to pay tribute by honoring his music. You can find the full playlist at the bottom of the article.

By Jose Feghali

Habibi Enta

Kboush el Touti 

Chebbak Habibi

Rouhi Choufi

Aala Babi Wa’ef Amaren

Abhasou Aanha 

(Lyrics of this song were written by the now-dead Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi)


Belghi Kel Mwa3idi (with Georgette el Sayegh)

Baddak Malyoun Seneh 

A’tazalet el Gharam (with Majida el Roumi)

Full Playlist: