Known for his powerful and generous vocal abilities, Mounir Troudi is a unique Tunisian singer and musician. His work of experimentation has allowed him to reach an ultra-fine mixture of Sufi and Bedouin songs and current universal music. He was born in 1968, he mastered the classical Arabic song from a very early age before he shifted his focus to Sufi song.

Mounir Troudi studied his own music by venturing to dust off the Bedouin music repertoire marginalized by the political regime in place.

In cooperation with several international artists and based on his musical experience, he managed to reclaim the Bedouin music that was marginalized by the political regimes. His first encounter with his audience was through “Al Hadra” group in 1994 led by renowned Sufi Artist Fadhel Jaziri. Four years later he received his BA in Arabic Music. In cooperation with Famous Jazz musician Francais Truffaz he signed three albums produced under the “Blue Note” label: “Mantis” in 2001 & “Saloua” in 2005 were with Erik Truffaz; a famous French Jazz Trumpeter. And in 2006 he released his album “Face to face”. Since then he has cooperated with several international musicians including Frence multi-instrumentalist Sig with whom he produced Tawassol in 2010, an album of experimental electro-acoustic music. Troudi’s latest album was “Songs from a stolen Spring” a compliation album that mainly features duets, mashups of protest and peace songs performed by pairings of western musicians from the countries where the Arab spring took place.

Antonio Maeillo, Kamal Musallam, Mercan Dede, Speed Caravan are some of the international artists who invited Troudi to share the stage with them.

Personally, Mounir Troudi was one of the most beautiful discoveries lately. Have a listen of my favorite top 5 songs:

#5: Ines Ft. Erik Truffaz: An outstanding combination of vocals and Trumpet.

#4: Rakeb Aal Hamra: A Tunisian Folklore.

#3: Gedesh Ft. Erik Truffaz: When Sensuality is presented in a track through instruments and voice combined.

#2: Saloua Ft. Erik Truffaz: Bliss

#1: Flamingos Ft. Erik Truffaz: This is the track that got me hooked to his very deep and sensual voice. It shows his abilities to reach all notes and Erik Truffaz’ finest Trumpet sounds.