by Anita Yardemian

With a massive musical lineup presented by Lightning in a Bottle, we’ve narrowed down the top 20 must-see acts. Project Revolver prides on the variety of music we showcase which is a representation of the eclectic music of LiB.

It was hard buckling down on just a few so we’ve split up the selections. To give you a peak on YouTube, you can bet these performers will bring their production to life on each of the iconic LiB stages. To give you a listen on Spotify, these DJ’s will deliver unique sets that will take you  

Being lucky enough to catch some of these artists/DJ perform around the world, we know their Lightning in a Bottle delivery will be a special one.

One must attend to hear, feel, and see the true talent of the artists. Sign up here to create your own artist schedule at LiB:

Sofi Tukker


Beats Antique


Con Brio


Jamie N Commons


The Glitch Mob



Karavan Sarai








DJ Acts:

  1. Viken Arman
  2. Armen Miran
  3. Patrik Khach & Sarkis Mikael
  4. Unders
  5. Be Svendsen
  6. Eduardo Castillo
  7. Stimming
  8. YokoO
  9. Rodriguez JR
  10. Saand