After winning the World Cup, we’re want to honour France with what they’re actually the best in the world, metal music. Although it’s really hard to categorise Gojira into this endless genre/subgenre complex but we know they take everything you imagined sensual and romantic about France and hit you on the face with it. Gojira are the most monumental heavy band on the planet today, with very minimal competition. Nobody sounds like them, and nobody ever will. Complex but flowing rhythms, melodic but heavy guitars, loud but emotionally driver vocals.. there’s a dark charm in there even for non-metal lovers. They’re something out of a wizard’s book. If you’re not well-acquainted with their music, turn on the biggest speaker you can get your hands on, and scroll on.

Flying Whales

Art of Dying

Born In Winter


The Heaviest Matter of the Universe

L’enfant Sauvage



The Gift of Guilt



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