Today we thought about shedding some light on a very particular artist in a very particular scene. Globular has been working his psychedelic dub beats for a while now and has released multiple EPs and albums. His music is best described as a bubbling mass of virtual sounds designed to stimulate the ears, tickle the brain and move the body. Deep dubbed-out bass lines provide the bedrock for the harmonic intricacies and grooving melodies that typify his sound.

Globular strives to take listeners on a journey of their own choosing, encouraging all who enter to create their own stories and to dance their own dance. So pick up your best sound gear and dive with us on the below journey. 

By Roma


The Continuum Process

Dance of the Logarithm

You, The Progenitor

This, Here, Now

Emergent Resurgence

Tabula Rasa


A Singular Synergy

Colours of the Brainbow

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