Dave Matthews Band have a long list of studio albums, but these songs are never as good as their live versions, which is why they have an even longer list of live albums.

All the live albums where these songs are taken from, date from before LeRoi Moore, DMB’s sax player and founding member, passed away in 2008. Moore’s sax solos were the biggest part in the greatness of those tracks. The band resorted to adding a handful of musicians, aside from Jeff Coffins, the new sax player, like Tim Reynolds (guitar player who follows Dave Matthews in his acoustic ‘solo’ concerts) to most of their tours.


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1. #41 (listener supported)

2. Say Goodbye (Live at Luther College)

3. Ants Marching (The Central Park Concert)

4. Two Step (Live at Piedmont)

5. Jimi Thing (Live at Central Park)

6. The Best of What’s Around (Under the Table and Dreaming)

7. Warehouse (Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95)

8. Lie in Our Graves (Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95)

9. Dancing Nancies (Under the Table and Dreaming)

10. Satellite (Live at Red Rocks)



YouTube playlist: