Golden Arabic hits are not always appreciated by members of the younger generation (including me) for reasons that I never really understood. Maybe it’s because of our brainwashed need to feel extra special and dissociate ourselves from the rest of the population… Kind of a hipster thing we got going on for ourselves.

Luckily, some underground artists who appreciate and understand the value of Arabic oldies have recycled some of the songs, providing an alternative version of said great hits.

Below is a list of the top 5 underground tributes to Arabic classics:


1. Who Killed Bruce Lee – Betwannis Bik (Warda Cover)


2. Zeid Hamdan Feat. Hiba El Mansouri – Ahwak (Zaki Nassif Cover)


3. Awham – Emta Ha Taarf (Asmahan Cover)

4. Shkoon – Lala (Sabah Fakhri Cover)

5. ETYEN – Lobnan Ot’it Sama (Wadi’ El Safi Cover)