The Fiery Furnaces are an American indie rock band made up of a brother and sister. They started out as a garage band, a bit similar to The White Stripes, before branching out into their own sound. Most of their songs are odd and unusual pop/rock mix. They tend to use unusual instruments sometimes. They’re not the easiest band to listen to but there’s no denying of their talent.

By Joseph Saba

The list is in no order of preference.

My Dog Was Found (But Now He’s Found)

Sweet Spots

Leaky Tunnel

Rub Alcohol Blues

The Philadelphia Grand Jury

Restorative Beer

Duplexes of the Dead

Automatic Husband


Drive to Dallas

Keep Me in the Dark

Blueberry Boat

Chief Inspector Blancheflower

Single Again

Tropical Iceland

You can listen to this playlist on YouTube here: