Who hasn’t danced to the Bee Gees til they ran out of breath or made ridiculous moves in the car when they come on the radio? From being our parents’ favorite party music to becoming our generation’s favorite disco sounds, the Bee Gees changed pop music forever. With insane vocals, avant-garde performances and exquisite style, they became a worldwide influence and a unanimous musical language. As we couldn’t narrow down our list to 10 songs, here is our best 15 Bee Gees tracks.

By Hiba Abou Jaoudeh


15. Don’t Forget to Remember Me

14. Islands in the Stream

13. Words

12. Massassuchets

11. Jive Talkin

10. Nights on Broadway

9. I Started a Joke

8. To Love Somebody

7. More Than a Woman

6. New York Mining Disaster 1941

5. Night fever

4. How Deep is Your Love

3. Tragedy

2. Stayin’ Alive

1. You Should Be Dancing