This is not a list of the top 15 or essential 15 tracks by Sabah. It is roughly impossible to summarize the Lebanese diva’s more than 3,000 songs repertoire into a list of 15 tracks. However controversial her life was, Sabah’s vocal capabilities are nothing to be debated. In what follows we look at 15 songs marked with the songstress’s playfulness and fervent voice.

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Ya Haly, ya haly

Saat Saat

Lamma A Tari’ El Ayn

Boukra Bteshrou’ Shams El Eid

Men Seher Oyounak

El Dounya Hlawwet Eddami

Sola ChaChaCha


Zay El Asal

Akhadou El Reeh

Al Dayaa

Hayyarni Hobbak Ya Walah

Alla Yo’sof Omr El Hob

Aal Basata

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