We can all see that the electronic music scene in Lebanon is booming, with more events springing up out of nowhere every single weekend.


This weekend, there’s something different cooking up in Feytroun, and it’s called Onyx Music Festival. Onyx is a team of music lovers wanting to give people something a little bit different, and they are throwing their first party ever this Friday in the forests of Feytroun.

Many factors differentiate this event from all the other techno parties this weekend. Onyx are throwing their party in the forest, with all the trees and mountains, all the natural vibes of the forest. It’s not only a rave, it’s a circus camp.

This event was planned with a circus theme, with lights that are bound to make you keep your eyes open staring into the vibrant colors all around you, with games that will definitely entertain you throughout the night, with a sky bench that allows you to have a bird’s eye view on what’s going on right beneath you, with a lineup of the greatest local DJs in town.


The lineup includes:


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Their music is a soundtrack to the cosmos, an ode to the infinitely small, a celebration of the infinitely big, a study of human nature and all of its complex, beautiful imperfections. From their primary vocalist to their percussion team and the full live band that supports them, Three Machines are taking Lebanon by storm and introducing a truly different experience and sound to the growing base of techno and house producers in the country. Don’t miss their live set tomorrow.






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As the gears shift into place his production has taken the direction of an ethereal sound transfused with the four-on-the-floor signature and, of course, a dash of the ancient oriental feel inspired by his roots. He’s now finally touring in his live set across Beirut’s biggest venues. You’ve all heard his name countless times. Not only has he played in Lebanon’s most renowned clubs, but his productions have also been played by some of the most famous International DJs. Rolbac, a virtuoso in the underground house and techno Lebanese scene, has emerged as a magnetic force reputed for his colossal sound. He will also be playing a live set tomorrow and we’re looking forward to hearing it.





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Caught up somewhere between a Karate Kid and a Dabke master, very well known for his mixing skills and hard hitting techno, the Zahle born and raised music veteran will keep you dancing all night long. It was during the late 90’s when Eli started attending his first rave parties. His passion for electronic music overshadowed his early music influences and set in motion the journey that has taken him to the position he is in today. Mainly influenced by intelligent dance music, ranging from Electronica to Techno and House, Eli has now become one of the most prominent local underground artists. Catch Eli tomorrow for the darker vibes of the forest.





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Contrary to his name, this oversized mammoth is a total sweetheart. But very much like his name, his chosen sound is very wonky, unpredictable and raw. The funky hip hop inspired groove, backed by heavy jazz sample-based melodies and over compressed hats ensure some old school sonic goodness. What does he have in store for Onyx?




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Still looking for an identity. You have probably seen him dancing around behind the decks, or spotted his name somewhere on social media. Well, if you haven’t heard him play yet, you’re about to find out #WhoIsBibz. His mixing skills and track choices will definitely blow your mind and make you dance your soul out throughout the entire night. It doesn’t matter where he is, he will always know what to play, and when to play it. The kid that never failed to deliver an outstanding set will be spinning in an atmosphere that describes him the best, magical and mystical. We will be waiting to see him play, and listen to his interesting track choices.






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Renowned DJ, record label owner and overall music junky, Patch is the middle man between the crowd and the holy god of house. His sole aim is delivering the Almighty’s message on a dance floor. Check him out tomorrow for a familiar sound that will keep you dancing throughout.