September 16th and 17th bring us this month’s Sandance beach camp, so we can all say goodbye to the summer of 2017, peacefully. The people of Sandance are joining the world’s festivals to celebrate the international day of peace, marked September 21st, to raise the awareness of peace through arts, music, and dance. Combining two different musical cultures, Sandance will start off the journey on Saturday with house and techno music from sunset till midnight, continuing with psychedelic music until Sunday morning.

The lineup includes two international DJs,

Djane Gaby (Slovenia):

Gaby’s musical journey began in her early childhood years. At the age of sixteen, she had her first experience of DJing. Her dream became a reality – Gaby started to interlace with some of the first trance parties in Slovenia, thus making her one of the first female electronic DJs in her country. Gaby started her own Psytrance radio show on a local radio station in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana. From there, she was able to showcase her musical styles. This event will be her first ever visit to Lebanon. Gaby will hold a healing meditation session, as she is known for this worldwide.

Dalton Trance Teleport:

Dalton Trance Teleport is an ambient, old-school Goa DJ since 1994. He organised one of the first Goa parties in the ex-Yugoslavia. Born in Krusevac, but now living in Rijeka, he started to play goatrance with his brother as the DaLtOn DJs. Now, he is a member of Green-Spirit (CH, CRONOMI recs. and TranceAlpine). He will create an uplifting mood, playing old Goa, progressive psytrance at night, and downtempo, chillout psybient on Sunday morning.

Alongside Djane Gaby and Dalton Trance Teleport will be two local psychedelic DJs:

Shirina Aisha Laban, a.k.a Aditi Taruna

Truk Truk Kahn a.k.a VSM.


The techno/house lineup will include:


Rabih Rizk




Ziad Ghosn



Shimmy G.


Join us on the 16th and 17th of September so we can all dance for peace together.

See y’all there.