Music and arts in general thrive on innovation. It depends on those initiatives that tend to defy the established norm and further the medium into something new to sustain any artistic scene. Assault on Structure (AOS) is an audiovisual platform that is set to dominate specific locations in the city in attempt to destruct and reconstruct sound and visual experiences.

From its very essence, the experiment is an attempt of rebellion; a platform presenting a new discourse in the electronic music genre.  It is a way of treating sound that takes the listener into consideration. It assaults the structure of its object altering the functions and producing a meta outcome. By marrying deconstructive sounds and visuals, AOS is an experience that involves and evokes all the senses. It is an experiment for both producer and recipient.

In fact, it is enough to look at the line-up of AOS’s first installment at KED to get a clear picture of the type of goodness we’re talking about.

Our friend Jad Taleb is bound to bring his signature flair in sound design and music production to the platform. After his legendary performace at Friday Night Live at Reunion, Jad is establishing a reputation as a live performer. Jad’s going to be using Moog slim Phatty, delay and noise pedals and Ableton to enthrall us with his experimental sounds and techno grooves.

Jad Taleb

Formed by Mme Chandelier (from Kinematik) and Fadi Tabbal, Stress Distress is a new musical experiment with a lot to give. The duo will be releasing their first album at the event; a musical experiment within the other! They’ll be recycling 80’s cop film soundtracks. With an arsenal of gear, they’ll be using the Electribe Sampler, rhythm wolf drum machine, Moog mother 32, Korg monologue, Prophet synth and Dave smith.


Saul Default, latest alias for Ziad Moukarzel, focuses on percussive techno elements with influences from acid, bass music, breaks and electro. We’re sure it is as interesting as it sounds especially that he will be messing around with the Tempest drum machine, Traktor and Ableton.

saul default

Lair is a project by Mhamad Safa which uses electronic music to construct a sonic vision whose purpose is to test the sensorial relationship with space and sound. Lair equips his audiovisual lab with the Novation Bass Station, Korg kaosillatior, Kaos Pad and an Electribe Sampler.


If this doesn’t make you curious enough, the roof will be covered with huge plain videos and footage from Beirut city that will be transformed into a surreal graphic installation. Assault on Structure tends to employ the visuals as an equal that complements the sound and not a mere background.

All four acts will be followed by dj sets by Beirut’s finest Ziad Nawfal and Tamira Soufic. Assault on Structure will be the start of something beautiful and a story of which we will later say: ‘we’re proud to have been there’.