Pipe & Pochet is a record label that has been spreading a clean cut worldly sound from their home base in Los Angeles. Collaborating with established and growing talents from every single corner in the world, they’re creating a well-curated mix of cultures, talents and sounds. Through out their showcases, releases and collaborations, the label has been growing exponentially to a global critical acclaim. We had the chance to talk to founders of the label, Ali Farahani and Patrik Khach, and dive into their dreams, sounds and contemplations.

We’ve been seeing Pipe & Pochet grow tremendously over the past 2 years, releasing dance music with a fresh and gentle twist. How would define Pipe & Pochet and the purpose of its existence?

ALI: The label has been a fun project between Patrik Khach and I. We have become family growing this project together. We define it the classy side of electronic music. To reach this understanding of elegance comes with time and experience. We have both been lovers of dance music for many years.

PATRIK: We are trying to create a platform for up and coming artists as well as established artists to be able to release quality music. In a way, we are trying to help new artists without having the struggles we have faced in our careers. Not everyone is perfect in what they do, but as a family those weaknesses disappear.

Pipe & Pochet is a collaboration between Ali Farahani and Patrik Khach. What were you personal journeys that lead to you guys crossing paths and giving birth to P&P?

PATRIK: I was listening to music and some tracks and mixes kept gaining my attention on Soundcloud from Ali. My friends and I would share music with each other and we really were feeling Ali’s stuff. Usually all these crazy artists are overseas, one day a Facebook event crossed my attention that said Ali Farahani was playing a show in LA. I was like WOW someone booked Ali, so I did some research and found out Ali actually lived in LA. I had messaged him and we had spoken that I would come out to see him. Me being born in Iran and Ali being Iranian we clicked in seconds. We had the same culture driving us and we immediately became friends. Ali had already started P&P and had 2 of his originals released on it. One day Ali called me and said hey you would be the perfect person to join me on this project. I accepted and released Sioux on the label and immediately starting growing the label together. 

ALI: After we met in person, we started talking and a couple weeks after Patrik invited me to 2B1 in the desert and at some point Patrik told me “Ali you don’t know me well yet, but I already love you and we are going to do great things together. Just wait and see.” A couple months after I called Patrik and asked “What is your plan for the next 20 years?” This was when I asked Patrik to join me to create something bigger than us.

Ali has a new EP coming out on Pipe & Pochet, the premiers are up and the feedback is incredible. Can you tell us a bit about that?

ALI: I was born in Italy and I lived there almost my entire life. L’Atto is a tribute to Italy and Italian culture, sexy yet funny. I made the first version of the track about 18 months ago, but was never completely satisfied to release it. It was nice and I event sent it out to a few friends to try it, but something was missing. It was not elegant enough to be a tribute to Italy, so a few months ago I reopened the project and made some changes until I was finally 100% satisfied with the result. The artists that I am really impressed with their sound accepted to remix it and each did a wonderful job. Each version has its own story to tell. A huge THANK YOU to Armando Letico, SAAND, and Timboletti.

The sound of P&P is very specific yet very broad. What really influenced that evolution of sound globally and personally?

PATRIK: We have an idea of what we think is good music for our taste. We like to hunt artists down and create friendships with amazing people. Many of these people love music as much as we do. Through building a family, we are evolving.

Pipe & Pochet is known for taking unknown talent under its wing, coaching and exposing it to the world. How do you come across these talents and what’s the criteria for selecting them?

ALI: Between two people extremely addicted to music, we find new artists all the time through various music platforms. Once we hear something that we like and in the level of production is unique, we approach the artist. Many times we get demos sent to us. Sometimes they need a lot of work and sometimes they are great. 

PATRIK: We are very active in approaching artists. Most of the time they have fewer than 100 followers and we try to help coach to build their presence online.

This particular brand of music is all about that magical moment, how do you think that moment is cultivated on the dance floor versus at the studio?

ALI: Everyone is capable of creating those magic moments. Some producers do it well in the studio and some DJs create the moments on the dance floor. The best part about this partnership of P&P is that Patrik has a DJ/producer background and I have a producer/DJ background and together we make things magically in both aspects giving both our strengths.

PATRIK: The energy put in, produces the energy put out. Expect greatness when you give greatness.


The roster of Pipe & Pochet is universal, you literally have an artist from every corner in the world. Each adding their own flavour and culture to the mix. Will we ever see you all unite someday under a universal Pipe & Pochet showcase world tour?

PATRIK: We believe music is universal. We listen to music from all over the world so we try to take what we like from all these different places and mix them up. We currently have artists in the US, Canada, Mexico, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France just quickly off the top of my head. We even have artists that are constantly moving places seeking new inspiration. 

ALI: All our artists feel the same frequency when it comes to music. That is why we all fit together as members of the P&P family. We have already started hosting showcases here in LA. We have our third showcase coming up soon bringing MIICHII to LA for the first time. We are planning to expand to different parts of the world hitting all the hometowns of our artists. Hopefully reach a point to fly all our artists around across over the world together.

Let’s dream a bit. How would you describe the perfect setting for such a showcase?

ALI: We prefer beautiful locations with a smaller group of amazing people to massive crowds. We like to limit the events we are having to about 200-300 people. With smaller showcases you get to experience everyone. You feel and feed their energy both individually and as a whole.

PATRIK: Our perfect showcase involves our family and their closest followers. It is all about building relationships and having fun with the people you admire and love.

Dance music is witnessing a renaissance of some sort, which has also lead to some cluttering of the industry. What advice would you give aspiring producers and DJs working today to have their work cut through all that noise?

ALI: We are not in a position to give advices to anyone but the only thing I can say is to keep doing what you love. Just try to tell your own story.

PATRIK: Keep working on yourself and your growth will be equivalent to the effort you put in. Everything takes time, be patient your time will come.

Tell us a bit about the future of Pipe & Pochet and what’s in the pipeline? 

PATRIK: The future of Pipe & Pochet is looking very bright in our eyes. The fire in us is still burning strong. L’Atto is our 13th release as of now and we have about another 10 EPs scheduled and a VA compilation. We are also working on multiple showcases, and also some secret things are in the works that will be announced soon.

ALI: We are constantly searching for new artists, so if you get a message from us that means we love what you are doing. All in all we are excited to be doing this together and expanding our relationships.

What about the label’s name Pipe & Pochet?   

 ALI: My father which passed away a few years ago was a pipe collector, and I collect pochets (the pocket squares). So I guess it was something that came to my mind automatically. Often people ask between the two of you who is the pipe and who is the pochet…. for sure Patrik is the Pipe and I’m the Pochet.