Hello there, guitarists of the world! We have got some good news and some bad news for you today.

We start with the good news? Ok.

So a few years ago, an Oud player who goes by the name of Bassam Jalgha (happened to be a Mechanical Engineer too) was having a bad day because of the PMSing strings on his instrument. As you probably know, any movement in the pegs will make any song sound like a Katy Perry concert. After a couple of years of asskicking some machines and computers with his engineering Jesse Pinkman, who prefers his real name Hassan Slaibi, the couple had a baby, and called it Roadie. Roadie “tunes your guitar quickly and accurately, and keep your strings fit with the built in health check.” Accompanied by a mobile app, Roadie insures three times more accuracy than your normal homo sapien ear. To sound more scientific, we will quote our friends “Furthermore pitch detection is so accurate that it surpasses the human ear perception limits between any two sounds (called JND or just noticeable difference), by 300{0ab89397c598e04c77578d408e980f9d33439bf016b050562e5be9510fd7e3ba}.” (Just in case you don’t believe us). So after listening to your string, Roadie turns the pegs and your guitar sounds awesome.

Oh, and don’t use Roadie on your nipples.

What’s the bad news?

The awesome Roadie project is not yet complete and this is why it needs your help. With 40 days to go, our ultimate tool’s (for us guitarists) success is actually in our hand.

Any amount will contribute to the big finale, but a pledge of 69$ or more will get you an early bird special of the baby and you’ll be one of the first to have it!

Check out more details on Roadie on the Kickstarter page where you will be able to pledge the amount that you’d like.

Cheers to Bassam and Hassan!

Keep on rocking in the (not so) free world!