Majd Al Alam, a.k.a MAYHM a.k.a @tinybitofmayhm, is a Lebanese DJ/producer and the cofounder of @feedasoulrecords. He’s known for his heavy groove jazz-infused style. For MAYHM, a clean, straight to the drop song was never intriguing. Profound love of surface noise and raw samples that gave a track an imperfect, unpolished coating were the basis of his sound design. Moving a dance floor, to him, was never about a stiff beat and raging synths, but rather about the overall feel and emotion the track has hidden behind it.

MAYHM flips Etur’s 1989 with a dusty feel of swung hats , moody chords and signature heavy moving bass.

Today, we have the honour to premiere this track. Keep an eye out (or an ear) for its full release.

Release Date: 30.3.2018
Traxsource Exclusive: 16.03.2018

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