Beirut, our city of origin, was lucky to host LUM twice this summer, enchanting our dancefloors with a mystic journey of sonic adventures both times.
The first time around, LUM warmed up for Bedouin in an excellent version of Electric Sundown at Iris, and the second time around, he was supposed to warm up for NU who did not show up because of a personal emergency. However, LUM played a legendary 4 hour+ set which left Beirut in complete awe, disbelief, and enchantment.

Being hardcore fans of LUM, we got an exclusive preview of his new EP and had the honor to give this record a spin before anyone else. Perks of the job.

All the excitement set our expectations high for LUM’s new EP, Selva, to be released in September 2016.  The album is an artistic representation of true ‘deep’ music and emotions that come from a distant mystical futurepast. A hypnotic journey designed for deep connoisseurs and new explorers as well. Perfect for a sunrise or sunset dancefloor setting, or anytime of day really, as long as the vibe is synced and grooving.

Starting with the first track “Toé”, LUM invades our minds with natural and mellow tones. A hypnotic midtempo beat with subtle hints of an oriental flute take you straight back to the playa. He continues onto a more organic and groovy vibes with his second track “Respira”. The great mysterious NU, joins LUM on the third track of the EP with an extended mix of “Toé”, turning the track into a standalone 15 minute journey into the hearts and minds of these 2 great artists.
After such a yum, sonic meal, Dance Spirit adds the cherry on top with a touch of tech house on their remix of “Respira”.


After his release on Summer Sol, and following it with this new EP, LUM is rising up to the top of the electronic music world with his fresh and unique blend of blissful flow. Make sure to catch this EP and any chance of existing on LUM’s dancefloor.

Release Dates:
Beatport 09.09.2016
All other shops 23.09.2016

Check out the EP snippets below: