Thunder strikes in Cali, the lifestyle festival for everyone.

Lightning in a Bottle is the start to a blissful festival season. Year after year, LIB proves to be one of the most well-thought out festivals in Northern California. Carefully curated in all sectors of music, wellness, culinary, educationals, and most importantly, on beautiful lake grounds to house a jam packed itinerary is a one-stop experience offered to 18,000 + attendees.

LIB claimed a new venue this year in Buena Vista Lake, California along with new dates in beginning of May instead of the traditional long weekend on Memorial Day. This automatically decreased number of attendees but nonetheless the grounds were still busy with happy campers. The recognizable stage designs are a signature to LIB – butterfly-effect multi-colored Woogie stage, vibey Favela Bar, the coziness of Crossroads stage. Production doesn’t fall short here, even during the rain and thunder, LIB crew and devoted festival goers pulled through the storm and by Sunday the sun was shining and life was celebrated.

Photographers are surrounded by beautiful subjects – each corner is a sight to see. The sun basking in nature, energy amongst people, and high qualities of design. Get a glimpse of Lightning in a Bottle, below.

Listen to LIB 2019 artists, here.

Save the date for LIB 2020. More info here.

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