Jordanian Rock band, Jadal, will be launching their 3rd album “Malyoun” live in concert on the 28th of July at the Amman Citadel in a huge concert organized by OrangeRed Organization and The Office-Creative Community. If you’re around the area, head to this link to buy tickets or find out more info about the event here.

Album track list:
1 – Itha Ihna Rohna
2 – Mish Maktoobeh
3 – Malyoun
4 – Ashrar
5 – Ma Fe Gheirak
6 – Kanz
7 – Mish Hadool Nasak
8 – Wahdeh Bteshbahek
9 – Ana Winti
10 – Yumain O Leila
11 – Bnehki Feh Bel Hilem
12 – Sotko A’ala Min El Samma’at

JadaL (English: Controversy) is an Arabic Rock band from Amman, Jordan formed in 2003 by Mahmoud Radaideh. The band rose to fame after releasing their first album “Arabic Rock” in 2009 which contained two of their most popular hits: ‘Salma’ and re-arranged cover single ‘Al-Tobah’. Two years later Jadal Launched their second album “El-Makina” with another regionally epic hits ‘Bye Bye Azizi’ and ‘Ana Bakhaf Min El Commitment’.

Jadal is considered one of the most active bands in the Middle East having performed in big events such as Jara Music Festival (2009), Jordan Festival (2009, 2010), Turkish Vision Festival (2010), Bethlehem Festival (2013, 2014), Dum Tak festival (2013), Carhthage Music Festival JMC (Tunis 2016), L’ Boulevard Festival (Morocco 2015) London Sound Festival (Cairo 2015).



Jadal: Malyoun (2016)
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