Nowadays when people want to buy or listen to music, they’ll visit an online shop or log onto a streaming site. Independent Label Market (ILM) likes to do things a little bit differently. Bringing together independent record labels from across the globe and putting their physical, vinyl albums in one (physical) place, ILM organizes a music marketplace in various cities globally. Showcasing and celebrating independent music from around 50 different labels, the event is complete with live DJs and showcases, signings, conferences, radio programs, and full music line-ups – so really, it’s more like a mini festival. The aim here is to center the social experience of shopping for, buying, and listening to records as the music industry takes a digital turn, with streaming platforms at the heart of the average modern listener’s experience.

Inspired by the global call to stay home and participate in daily life events remotely, ILM has decided to migrate to the digital world to carry through the tradition of the independent music marketplace, and this time, they’re teaming up with Bandcamp. “The idea is to offer people the same deals they can find during our ‘IRL’ ILM”, says Hélène Peruzzaro. ILM and Bandcamp are doing everything to make sure this happens by hosting the event on “Bandcamp Friday” – the one day Bandcamp waives its revenue shares: 100% of sales goes to the independent labels.

Today, Friday, July 3rd, Independent Label Market and Bandcamp bring you a wide selection of exclusives, signed records, merch, test pressings, discounts and bundles, and more, available on for 24 hours only (click the link for the full list of Indie labels). At the same time, a line-up with live music by artists from Indie labels around the world will be happening here. Check out the artists playing the livestream, below!