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Beirut based musician/producer ETYEN just released his new EP and it is beautiful. Kicking the EP off with sounds from an autumn dream space, the first few seconds would tell you that you’re on for quite the trip. The reverberating piano riffs, underwater vocals, solid yet subtle beats and dreamy ambiance make ETYEN’s latest EP ‘Happy New Year’ standout as another Lebanese flag on a tripping electro-moon.

If you like exploring soundscapes of parallel dimensions, you have to give Happy New Year a thorough listen. ETYEN, a rising Lebanese electronic musician is much like an Energizer bunny pacing about at different speeds gradually erasing any delineation  between  genres  and  musical  categories. His  tracks  reflect  a  scattered  consciousness, blending layers  of warm  melodic  flurries  and  hazy vocals with electrifying beats, which at times morph into peaceful ambiance that elevates the spirit into a serene state of being. He went from being a singer-­songwriter and guitarist in a band, to recording  and  producing  music  electronically.  After  living  in  London  for  a  year, experimenting  and  exploring  the  different  scenes, he came back to lebanon where ETYEN was finally born.. Last month, he rocked the stage at CUNXTSAT Live and now he’s launched his latest EP with new tunes under his belt, and even more to come throughout the year.

Photo credit: Carl Halal

There’s nothing we can put in words that describes the world ETYEN made for us, so our only advice would be: Chill to this:
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EP artwork by Tala Mortada