Sol Selectas just released a compilation album that has changed the way we perceive electronic music. Within a week of its release, the album topped the Deep House, Tech House, and Chillout charts on Beatport all at once. There’s something very magical about its texture: it brings back the vibe of ancient music, spiritual chants and ethnic melodies mixed with mellow and organic electronica beats. You can’t really classify its nature accurately without finding yourself in that sweet twilight zone of tone, where all genres of music combine and flow effortlessly the way all rivers end up in one sea..

The Summer Sol compilation brings together an amazing line-up of like-minded producers enchanting the most exotic dancefloors this year. From the first second to the last, you embark on a journey that moves your heart, mind and body with original music that summons our global ancestors and propel us into a limitless future. We go from South American mid-tempo, to Shamanic downtempo, to Middle Eastern deep house, to Latin tribal house, to Playa tech, to Ambient cumbia dub.

The producers came together from 14 different countries, 12 original songs, sang in 7 different languages. With massive names such as Canson, Dance Spirit, LUM, El Buho, Matanza, Hraach, and Alejandro Mosso, alongside fresh new artists like Rodrigo Gallardo, Spaniol, Armen Miran, Niju, V i V i D, Florista, and Peter Power, blend naturally with Sol Selectas’ very own Sabo, KMLN, Goldcap, and SAAND.

The opening track by the mastermind of the album Sabo in collaboration with Matanza, take you off the ground the second the groove kicks in. The organic beats, hypnotic singing and fluid positive flow ensure an instant take off. Followed by LUM’s Honra, a deep spiritually heavy but musically light track that cleans up your heart and mind before you continue the journey up the tempo ladder, passing through the shamanic Arra by Nico Sun and the completely breathtaking masterpiece Mirage by Goldcap, to the intricate prayer Lullaby by Hraach & Armen Miran.

SAAND takes us on a psychedelic Latin journey, to be welcomed by KMLN very peculiar yet irresistibly groovy track Goza. After our little summer journey peaks, and like all good things it comes to a softer 3rd act where we just ride a mellow groove engineered by sonic visionaries (although this would be technically wrong).

It’s really uneasy to have a track by track breakdown, as each one is an abstract world of its own. Amazing things happen when great talents such as the ones featured on Summer Sol work together and meet in one place. DJ’s will love these tracks to warm up and cool down their dance floors, listeners will love this album to meet, greet and bid farewell to the sun.

The artwork by Helia Jamali visualizes the themes of summer and sunshine together perfectly. This compilation was released on the 1st day of the Summer Solstice ­ June 21st. 2016.

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