Beirut is known for its wild weekends that start early on Friday evening and end on Sunday noon. With tens of different options of types of music and vibes playing out across town, one can party non-stop to their preferred genre of music all weekend long. Sunday evenings, however, have become a bit of a drag after your brain cells and bank account are completely drained. That’s how Sunday Ritual came to life. Whether you’re a party animal or a chillout kind of person, a nice and cozy downtempo setting is the perfect end to the weekend. Given that the town lacks the calmer vibes (and free entrance venues), Sunday Ritual was created as a downtempo scene for like-minded people and artists to gather each Sunday for a cool down session.

Rabih Rizk, one of the founders of Sunday Ritual, is dedicated to sharing his love for oriental downtempo beats with the local scene whether through events around town or his Soundcloud page using curated DJ sets as well as his own original productions. Rabih has graced us with 1 hour set to introduce us to the soundscapes and vibes we should expect at the Sunday Ritual. The set is a transcendental journey to a deep desert, enjoy the trip.

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