1959 – Spotify and iTunes didn’t exist yet, and French youngsters would rely on their favorite radio program, Salut les Copains, to discover new hits. Young singers such as France Gall and Johnny Hallyday hit the airwaves with catchy rhythms and tongue-in-cheek lyrics: the yé-yé generation was born. 60 years later, French bubblegum pop is as present as ever, with songs from Françoise Hardy and Gillian Hills featured in Moonrise Kingdom and Mad Men.

Discover the girls that made Mick Jagger and Brian Jones’ hearts beat, and for whom Serge Gainsbourg wrote songs that will make you blush. We hope that this playlist will make you fall in love with the “Belles, belles, belles” singers of this candy-colored era.


Spotify and YouTube playlist below the photo gallery.

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