I don’t really like the rain. But when it starts to get me down, there is nothing like a cup of coffee and some groovy tunes to pick up my day.

So grab your umbrellas, we’re going on a  journey with this list of Top 10 rain songs!

By Christine Krikorian

10. Jimi Hendrix – Rainy Day Dream away

9. Gene Kelly – Singing in the Rain

8. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have you ever seen the Rain? 

7. Bob Dylan – Rainy Day women #12 & 13 

6. Queen – Rain Must Fall 

5. Eric Clapton – Let it Rain 

4. Led Zeppelin – Fool in the Rain

3. Guns N’ Roses – November Rain 

2. The Beatles – Rain 

1. Led Zeppelin – Rain song 

By the time you’re listening to these songs to get through the storm, you realize the rainbow is already shining and there’s always a better song waiting.

Keith Jarret – Over the Rainbow