We already know that the French do it better , there is no revelation here. Once I got over the “dreamy-funky-electronic vibe reviving some mashed up Californian dream” that bands such as Air, Daft Punk, Birdy Nam Nam, M83 and many others have managed to instill in my everyday playlists, I moved on to a different scene of electronic music. Almost all of the artists here seem to rise from the same sub-genre, which is quite interesting, as they don’t really categorize themselves, but speak more about their influences and their pluricultural interactions with the world surrounding them, making their music more of an outgrowth with unique features, yet in constant motion and evolution. So here they are, in no particular order of preference:

5 – Dream Koala – Earth

Yndi Ferreira DaSilva, known better as Dream Koala, is both a musician and a producer, crafting soft electro waves accompanied by minimal vocals. He often turns his music into voyages through his videos. His first EP ” Earth. Home. Destroyed” was released in 2014.

4 – Superpoze – Lost Cosmonaut

Gabriel Legeleux by day, Superpoze by night, he is often described by fellow artists as as musical bible, having a “cerebral” relationship with his music. He has released 6 EPs and 2 albums to date.

3 – Thylacine – Belobezvodnoe

Thylacine was born in 2012, when William Rezé, a saxophonist, decides to experiment with electronic music, mainly producing. Massive Attack, Four Tet and Moderat are cited as his references, and his album Transsiberian layers vocal gems from bulgarian choirs and tatar songs.

2 – Fakear – La Lune Rousse

Behind Fakear is Théo Le Vigoureux, propelled to fame quite quickly on the french musical scene, more so with the release of his debut LP “Animal”, where he describes his music as means to explore other worlds while often using vocals as animal cries.

1 – Rone – Bye Bye Macadam

Considering the artists cited above, Erwan Castex -better known as Rone- is a veteran when it comes to electronic music. With 4 albums and 6 EPs on his hands, he is also a pioneer in the field of video clips in virtual reality, releasing “BLOW UP #1 // Quitter La Ville” right before Björk released “Stonemilker”.