It’s hard to be labeled as a voice for this generation but Archy Marshall aka King Krule, has managed to carve out a group of followers who’ve gone ahead and done just that. Brooding, discordant and intoxicating, King Krule’s distinct style of molding genres together has caught the attention of many (including Kanye West…but old Kanye) and has catapulted him to the forefront of strange additions to my playlists. His accounts of existential dread and hazy nights could weigh any listener down but slivers of light always peek through his musings. Two distinct emotions held in a chaotic balance – not bad for a voice for this generation, eh? Here’s a list of essentials that anyone with a broken heart or is busy day dreaming can dive into. Listen wisely. 

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Biscuit Town

Dum Surfer

Czech One


Baby Blue

Easy Easy

A Lizard State

Airport Antenatal Airplane

La Lune

Spotify playlist:

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